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 Techni Ice ~ The Chilling Revolution! 


Techni Ice Instructions:

1.To hydrate your Techni Ice faster use warm water.

2.Keep Techni Ice fully immersed whilst hydrating the cells as water enters from both sides to activate polymer.

3.Scrunch sheets between hands while fully immersed in warm water until the air bubbles have escaped and cells have commenced hydration. Your Techni Ice is ready to use.

Techni Ice Usage Tips-HDR Model

Your techni ice sheets should start frozen and a gradual cold transfer will take place which slowly transfers the cold energy from techni ice into the perishables and drinks ,etc. which will eventually leave the Techni Ice cells in the softer state and the perishables and drinks icy cold for a long period . You will note that the Techni Ice cells still retain significant chill factor even in the eventual softer state.

Hints for optimum performance of your Techni Ice sheets

1. Always use a minimum of 1 sheet per 7-8 liters of cooler size. The more mass of Techni Ice the better, and the longer it will last. Techni Ice takes up less room than regular water ice, and is lighter.

2. Place a sheet or more on top of your food, as cold falls.

3. The colder the food or drinks are when placed into the cooler, the longer Techni Ice will keep them that way.

4. Techni Ice can also be cut to size, between the individual cells, to fit your application.

5. If you are going away for an extended period, turn your freezer to maximum freeze(approx. -18C) for 3 or 4 days before departing. Unlike water ice, Techni Ice being an industrial refrigerant, will maintain temperatures beyond -25C. The lower the temperature Techni Ice is frozen at, the longer it stays frozen.

6. Storage. When not using your Techni Ice sheets they can be stored in an open plastic bag in a cupboard or freezer. They are virtually maintenance free, but can be run under the water every so often to maintain or regain hydration. Remember to leave a thumb indentation in each cell for room to expand whilst freezing.

7. Travel Hint. Say you are going away for a long period. If you take 2 coolers you can take full advantage of Techni Ice commercial performance. Freeze several sheets and put them in your spare cooler. Fill your first cooler as usual with another lot for immediate use. When the first set thaws out, replace them from the second cooler, and continue your trip.

8. Do not mix Techni Ice with regular ice as regular ice melts much faster and will absorb the energy from Techni Ice to try and stay frozen, resulting in Techni Ice losing its chill much quicker than if used by itself.

9. Hot Body. To use Techni Ice hot, place in microwave in increments of 1 minute making sure after each minute that Techni Ice is not too hot to place on your body or use. Always use a towel between your body and the product and remove immediately if it feels too hot.

10. Hot Food. Techni Ice can be used inside ice boxes or cooler bags for keeping food hot.


Techni ice HDR model domestic applications
undefinedScrunch techni ice sheets whilst immersed in warm water until they are hydrated. The techni ice sheets are ready to use hot or cold.
Techni ice will chill bottles on the way to the restaurant ... and keep them chilled on the table
The ultimate cold or hot pack for soothing releif or relaxation (can be cut to size).
undefinedThe ultimate flexible wrap hot/cold pack for sports injuries.
Techni Ice can be cut to any size. For school lunch boxes to keep food fresh and chilled.
Techni Ice keeps things warm, hot, chilled or frozen. You choose 'the temperature'.



























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